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I broke yet another top! LOL This time, instead of the Shea Moisture Mist top, it's my color applicator bottle top that is broken :) So, after many drips of excess oil... I decided to purchase the Roots Only Comb Applicator Bottle from Sally's. I had seen these in Walmart not long ago and I put if off assuming they would always be there. I was wrong! I ended up paying $5.99 for it :/ But it's kool.
So, This comb attachment is awesome! It's sooo much better than that skinny nozzle I was using for years. It allows whatever you put inside the bottle, color, oils, conditioner, shampoo etc., to glide onto the hair and scalp with very little effort. It also covers a lot more ground than the regular nozzle tip. My natural hair is soo much thicker than my relaxed hair was so this is VERY helpful for me lol.
The bottle is 4 oz which is a little small, but the comb attaches to other applicator bottles as well so that makes up for its small size. ( Shh! I did a quick test to make sure, in the store lol! ) I do wish they just sold the comb attachments separately so I can get one for my old larger bottle but oh well... Needless to say, I'm through with the tiny nozzle tip and I'm upgrading to Roots Only! Have a blessed day!




With all the uproar in America lately condemning capitalism it is making it impossible for the SMALL ENTREPRENEURS to get ahead. That is why I am so proud to tell you about ROOTS ONLY INCORPORATED today. ROOTS ONLY is a woman-owned business based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and they offer an incredible product called the ROOTS ONLY HAIR APPLICATOR COMB.

ROOTS ONLY distributes personal applicators and products that simplify home hair care routines, and unlike some of those cheap combs available at the big box stores the ROOTS ONLY HAIR APPLICATOR COMB really works! The patented, delivery applicator is ideal for the application of hair color, conditioning growth oil, medicated shampoo and other adhesives for the scalp and roots.

When you hold this ROOTS ONLY HAIR APPLICATOR COMB in your hand it is clear that it is manufactured from high quality materials. It's also incredible that ROOTS ONLY has kept its prices very reasonable and affordable for their products in these hard economic times. That means you SAVE TIME AND MONEY when using the ROOTS ONLY HAIR APPLICATOR COMB, all while getting professional results. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, I need to tell you that all ROOTS ONLY brand products are REUSABLE and 100% MADE IN THE USA.

The ROOTS ONLY HAIR APPLICATOR COMB has saved me a lot of cash that under normal circumstances I would have spent at the beauty salon. It is EASY TO USE and NEVER FAILS TO IMPRESS. I have found a lot of other uses for the ROOTS ONLY HAIR APPLICATOR COMB other than just touching up my roots though. I added highlights to my daughter's hair and she looks like a ROCK STAR! I put streaks in my roommate’s flat top and he looks almost five years younger! I used it to apply medicated shampoo to the neighbor’s kid when he got lice at school and it worked way easier than anything available at the drugstore. My favorite success with the ROOTS ONLY HAIR APPLICATOR COMB has to be when I used it to apply a homemade remedy I found online to my own scalp and all my dandruff disappeared!

Unfortunately, the flakes returned, but I still have my ROOTS ONLY HAIR APPLICATOR COMB so I can just do it over and over as much as I like. With its durability and reusable functionality you defiantly get your money's worth with the ROOTS ONLY HAIR APPLICATOR COMB.

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DJ Harris
DJ6ual: An Irish Girl

I know you have seen this product in a store near you. You walk by and wonder _do I really need something like that? _YES YOU DO! In this economy women are now spending less time at salons and more time at home trying to do their beauty routine themselves and spending less. A professional dye job can go from $50 to over more than $100, depending on what you want. How can you stretch that dye job out longer?? By doing your roots yourself. Take a deep breath, do not be afraid and let me introduce you to your new best friend.

Roots Only Incorporated is a woman-owned business based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. We distribute personal applicators and products that simplify home hair care routines of our customers. Our patented, delivery applicator is ideal for the application of hair color, conditioning growth oil, medicated shampoo and other adhesives for the scalp and roots. We manufacture high quality, affordable products that save you time and money while offering professional results. All Roots Only brand products are reusable and 100% made in the USA.

Yes a product made for women by women! Alright this is not only for hair color, yes this can be used with more than one product. A very famous shampoo and conditioner company has a line made for your roots only. I LOVE that shampoo and conditioner but always have a hard time getting all my roots done and making sure they are covered. THIS PRODUCT SOLVES THAT. I am able to make sure that I am using my shampoo and conditioner properly and getting everything out of them.

Want to use it for hair dye? It is so simple. No need to part your hair at all and try to balance your hair while not getting the color all over your face _(which I am known for doing)_. After you apply the hair color simply rinse it out with warm water and squeeze it out of the applicator and you are done! This speeds up the process as well, as a mom I know I appreciate that.

If you want to still keep your beauty routine going but need to but down on the cost I highly suggest using Roots Only. This will help you stretch your wallet and your hair products.

Ashleigh Walls
Living Off Love And Coffee Blogspot

I am an African American female and my hair texture is course and dry. I have used all of the "Roots Only" natural hair products and I'm extremely happy with the results. It leaves my hair soft, moist and shiny. The applicator that comes with the products is excellent because it penetrates down to the roots and stimulates the scalp during application. My hair and scalp are now healthier and manageable.

Thank you,

Gwendolyn Smith

I am just writing to comment on your product I just recently bought and used. I was a little skeptical of your Roots Only applicator in the store as I was looking at it. Is this just another "here buy me I work" when really it’s just something extra to buy. Well after trying the all in one root hair dye kits and them not working any wonders I decided why not. So I bought it took it home and used it. I was IMPRESSED! Literally only took me 5 min for my whole head to be covered. It even felt like the salon way. Once I rinsed my hair my results were incredible. I was very happy with your Roots Only product. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to do their own hair at home. Very professional feel and look.

Thank You!


I am a 33 year old female with long hair and I have been coloring it since I was 16. It's always been difficult to keep the color off the rest of my hair and to get the color on all the roots. I happened to come across Roots Only and thought, 'what do I have to lose?'. This product is so very simple and effective and I'm excited to recommend it to my friends! I'm going to buy my mother one today.

Thank you!


Dear Roots Only,

I am 64 years old and have been coloring my own hair for over 40 years. I just want to tell you, I recently bought Roots Only at my local Wal-Mart Store and it simply was WONDERFUL to use!!! So easy and it covered all my grey hair…I Truly Love It!

Thank you,

Cassandra, NY

Hi There!!

I just wanted to thank you for creating such a lifesaving product! I am a professional Marilyn Monroe impersonator, and made the decision to have blonde hair instead of wearing a wig. I have naturally black hair and have to bleach the roots once a week to platinum. Imagine what the salon costs would have been if I hadn’t discovered your product! It’s so fast and easy, and without it, it’s impossible to reach the back of your head without assistance. Thank you, and a million kisses! Forget the diamonds; “ROOTS ONLY” is a girl’s best friend!! ;)

Jami as Marilyn Monroe

Dear Bonnie.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for making your wonderful product! I have been coloring my hair for around 20 years and this is the fastest, least messy, and most even application I have EVER had! I usually wait until the last second to color my hair (to the point where my hair looks pretty bad) because it is such a hassle, but I know that I will now be doing it has soon as it needs it because the hassle it gone! I can’t believe I walked passed your product 3 times in the store before buying it because I just did not think it could be that easy – and it is! Thanks so much for helping us all look better with less mess, hassle and time spent in the process.

Very Happily,

Abilene, TX

I love your hair coloring product. I have multiple sclerosis and coloring my hair was always a chore I hated. I have limited strength in my hands and arms. It took so long to color my hair that it became very painful and very messy. With your product I can do my hair with ease and at about ¼ of the time.

Don’t ever stop making this product.

Linda Potter

Dear Bonnie:

I ordered, received and used Roots Only. It is fantastic!

This product is great for everyone to color their roots, especially those with busy, active schedules. I barely have time to put gas in my car. So, sitting at a hair salon is not something I could do, or even would want to do, on a regular basis. Now I can touch up my own roots at home , without the mess, hassle and clumsiness of traditional at-home methods.

This product is a winner. You should seriously consider going on the Home Shopping Network, which televises nationwide. I believe that women—and men—across the country would really appreciate this product.

Thanks again.


J. Wu

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  • I love your hair coloring product. I have multiple sclerosis and coloring my hair was always a chore I hated. With your product I can do my hair with ease...

    Linda Potter

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