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1. Add desired amount of solution to the Roots Only squeezable bottle.
2. Attach delivery applicator tool to bottle.
3. Although “Roots Only” is virtually mess free, it’s a good idea to place a towel over your shoulders.
4. Run a comb through your hair to remove any tangles.
5. Using “Roots Only” as you would a comb, comb through your hair while squeezing the bottle. Be sure to keep the teeth of the comb in contact with your scalp.
6. If you hit a tangle, simply stop squeezing the bottle and use the applicator head as a comb to remove the tangle.
7. The solution stops flowing when you stop squeezing. Once the tangle is gone, reposition the “Roots Only” hair applicator tool and resume.
8. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for processing time.

To Clean “ROOTS ONLY” Applicator:

Fill “Roots Only” bottle with warm water. Shake and squeeze water through applicator tool until all traces of solution are removed.

Additional Cleaning when Used with Lice Medication:

1. CLEAN – Fill the “Roots Only” bottle with HOT soapy water, and screw on the applicator tool & squeeze water through teeth until water runs clear.
2. SOAK – Soak in very hot water (boiling) 2 to 3 minuter; Air dry.



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